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Fall 2015 Center Stage

Below are confirmed Center Stage events for the Spring 2015 Reno Spiritual and Wellness Expo --Entertainers, New Age Music Artists, Yoga, Chakradance, Dancing, and other amazing things.

Please check back because we will be adding more information as we get closer to the fair date.



11am - Gvwi Music and Eric Ray

12pm Noon - Matthew Goddard

1pm - Jim Eaglesmith

2pm - Michael Dober

3pm - Michael Saliba

4pm - Gvwi & Jim Eaglesmith


10:30am - Gvwi Music and Eric Ray

11:30am - MoTiYoGaChi with Syena

12:15 - Chakradance with Crystelle Rife

1pm - Jim Eaglesmith

2pm - Michael Dober

3pm - Avital

4pm - Gvwi & Jim Eaglesmith

Avital Miller

The Dance Into Divinity
Interactive Demonstration

Avital Miller
Healer, Tarot Reader, Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Dancer

Avital Miller has combined her love for all forms of dance with the peace and love she feels from meditation to share the Divine through movement. Through her dance reminiscent of higher realms, Avital brings a joy to her audience that touches the heart. The grace of human form and movement shine through her smile as well as her steps. A performance not to be missed! There will also be an opportunity for audience participation in movement exercises for healing and feeling the Divine. 

“There is in each of us a special song to be sung. None of us is more important, or less so, than any other. Our simple duty is to find our unique song deep within us, and to sing it to perfection. That perfection will come only when we have learned to sing our own soul-song to God, offering back to Him the inspiration of His love.” 
—Swami Kriyananda, Art as a Hidden Message

Avital Miller is a Healer, Tarot Reader, Yoga Instructor, and Dancer. For over ten years Avital has been leading healing, yoga, and spiritual dance programs around the world, at The Expanding Light in Nevada City, CA, and through the Internet. She is known for her sweet, nurturing, and calming presence, as well as offering wise, relevant guidance. She is also Sales and Marketing Director for Crystal Clarity Publishers and has been one of the Ananda Yoga Teacher Trainers. She is a member of Ananda Village in Nevada City, CA, a spiritual community founded by Swami Kriyananda, who is a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda (author of the classic Autobiography of a Yogi). 

Learn more about Avital at www.avitalmiller.com or contact her
at (530) 559-1094.

Eric Ray

Gvwi Music and Eric Ray

Unique Mixture of Eclectic Music

Composed from the heart, Gvwi Music is a unique mixture of Traditional Native American, Celtic, Old Time, and Alternative Rock. Eric Ray's hope is that you will find at least one song to identify with and will enjoy this music as much as Eric has enjoyed creating it for you.

Visit Gvwi Music's website at www.GvwiMusic.com or find them on Facebook.

Jim Eaglesmith

Jim Eaglesmith

Songwriter, Performing Artist, and Story Teller

Jim Eaglesmith is a gifted Songwriter, Performing Artist, and Story Teller who will warm your heart.

As a Minstrel of Healing & Sacred Storyteller, Jim’s music is his way of touching gently the Heart longing for itself. He believes that the underlying truth within all Mythic cultures is contained in their music, dance & storytelling and that a return to these traditional values will help create a ‘New Mythology’ leading to the healing necessary to prepare mankind for the challenging times ahead. Inspiration for his presentations are inspired from many Ancient Wisdom cultures who infused their stories with an indwelling Spirit gleaned from direct experience. With Music in his Soul, Jim endeavors to touch the Heart of Humanity through Loving service.

Contact Jim Eaglesmith at (775) 833-5077 or visit his website at www.jimeaglesmith.com.




Mo = Movements, Ti = TaiChi-like, YoGa = Yoga, Chi = Life Force Energy

Syena is the creator of MoTiYoGaChi – also know as Moti -- a very Fun DVD combining tribal moves, yoga, and Tai Chi-like movements.  

Blended and put together so that there is a fluid flow, Moti removes energy blocks, so we feel energized, yet calm and peace filled.

Moti is easy to modify, so you can make it as gentle or challenging, and the music is wonderful. 

A Fitness Instructor since 1971, Syena has been certified in the following areas: 

  • Access Bars Facilitator
  • YogaFit Training Level 1
  • AFAA (Aerobics Fitness Association of America) Personal Trainer
  • Third Degree Reiki Master
  • Exersafety Personal Trainer and Slide Instructor
  • Group Fitness Instructor, AFAA 

She has also taught Step Aerobics, Resist-a-ball, Dance Aerobics, Slide Aerobics, Core Sculpting, Pilates, Yoga, and more.

As a personal trainer, she understands how difficult it is for many to become balanced in their approach to fitness and wellness. Our culture obsesses about the physical body, ignoring our amazing body-mind connection. Obsessing takes us out of balance and when we’re not balanced, we struggle with our weight more, self image, happiness, etc.

Syena also believes not everyone wants or should exercise as if they are training for the Olympics. What may be healthy for one is not the best approach for another. Rather, listening to our body is key. The important thing is that we like it enough to do it over and over so we can get all the health benefits for mind, body and spirit.

All of this was taken into creating Moti. For more information visit www.motiyogachi.com.

Michael Dober

Michael Dober


Come join Michael's soothing keyboard playing as he helps relax and transports you into another dimension of being. These calming sounds combined with his perfect timing, will create a feeling of peacefulness and feeling centered. 

Michael learned to play the piano from his grandmother and has an acute ear for hearing music. Using his intuitive abilities, he is able to play the perfect music to offer healing to those listening. He depends on spiritual guidance and natural musical abilities to help others. Michael also is a healer and singer. He has created and performed on five different meditation cd's, performed numerous live music shows in several cities throughout the state and is currently collaborating on recording his solo meditation CD. 

Matthew Goddard

Matthew Goddard

Buddhist Mantras and Songs of Healing and Compassion

Matthew Goddard sings Buddhist Mantras and songs of Healing and Compassion. 

The power of this performance comes from you!

After introducing each Mantra or chorus, audiences are encouraged to chant/sing along Ancient Mantras chanted to simple modern melodies. We will be immersing ourselves in the resonance field, and cultivating our own compassionate qualities in order to share that vibration and frequency with the world. Chanting in this manner can bring deep healing to ourselves and others.

No experience necessary, all ages and skill levels can chant along! 

Crystelle Rife, Accredited Chakradance Facilitator


Crystelle Rife

Chakradance is a dance for the soul.

Blending free-flowing movements with particular frequencies of sound, Chakradance frees the energy in your body and opens you to a deeper experience of life. 

The experience is like a waking dream – we dance up forgotten parts of ourselves, and release the memories stored in our muscles. Our aches and pains reveal their stories and our hidden fears unmask themselves.

My intention is to allow Spirit to guide me so I can guide YOU through your own healing journey.

I found Chakradance at a time in my life when I didn't know what I was going to do with my future. I asked Spirit for guidance and support, and Chakradance was presented to me in the beginning of 2014. I was just completing the first year of my Masters in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. Then, I found out I was pregnant. I completed my Chakradance facilitator training two weeks before I gave birth to my beautiful son, Phoenix. 

Call (775) 338-9926, email crimagine775@yahoo.com or visit http://bit.ly/1XzVrsY. 

Michael Saliba

Michael Saliba


Michael has sung with many groups over the years.  He sang with the Blackhawk Chorus in Danville, California for 10 years performing all over the San Francisco Bay Area. With the Jazzical Contemporary Singers, Michael has sung at the White House, the National Cathedral, and other well known venues in Washington, D.C. 

He is a Level II Reiki Practitioner and also works with people to balance their chakras and align their energy flow.